Cretus Symbolism

cult symbolism
the image above is a screen capture from the official web site for Cretus

Like many religious and occult groups, Cretus uses lots of symbolism. From their animal masks to their logo, we'll try to break down possible meanings in this section.

Cretus Logo

The logo in the image above, which is prominantly featured on the official Cretus web site and much of their promotional material, appears to be the official symbol of the cult. It looks like a simple line drawing, but there is certainly more than meets the eye.

First, the rings. The best theory we've got right now is that these rings represent a wormhole. Take a look at the image below and you'll see a very similar image that has shown up in crop circles over the past couple of decades, and it is known to be a symbol of the wormhole. We know from the Cretus "Resources" page ( that these guys study, discuss, and preach about wormholes. Makes sense that they would have one in their logo.

The image below is from this site:

And you should also check out:

Disclaimer: No, I'm not saying that these crop circle images were projected onto these fields from aliens in another galaxy and/or dimension. But I wouldn't put it past these cult weirdos or someone like them to go out there and damage these crops for some weird ceremony.

crop circle cult wormhole

Another example of a ring within a ring design, which I personally believe is a less likely reference (but hey, all ideas are on the table here until we get some answers), is the Mayan Katun Calendar Wheel. There could certainly be some sort of Mayan connection, however, due to the fact that one of the books linked to on the Cretus Resources page is the Popol Vuh, an ancient mythological text often referenced in Mayan culture.

cult symbols

cult symbolism

Aside from the rings, there are three lines converging into one dot. Sticking with our wormhole theory, the lines would be a representation of traveling into the wormhole. The three lines could be for the three Cretus animals (the pig, the unicorn, and the sheep; more on their meanings below) leading up to one light. Trinities are a part of many major religions.

These lines also appear to be forming a pyramid. Triangles and pyramids are hugely symbolic. The upright triangle is often said to be "pointing up towards the heavens."

"The three sides of a triangle represent the number 3, and this concept is used in gematria, the ancient Babylonian/Hebrew numerology practice that assigns numbers to words or letters (and also other mystical schools of thought). The number 3 is representative of the spirit realm (or the Heavens), while in contrast, the number 4 represents the physical realm (the material, three-dimensional world we can relate to). The number 3 is a number of the divine, showing the union of male and female that create a third being. It’s the number of manifestation; to make something happen."

If you go to this page,, you can find much more in depth information on the possible meanings of this image.

One last thing. Under the "Sheep" section of the Cretus Resources page, there are links to a number of books written by a man named William Walker Atkinson in the early 1900s. The books are about topics having to do with the mind and learning how to control it. Many of Mr. Atkinson's books were emblazened with the logo in the photo below. An image that looks uncomfortably similar to some of these others.

illuminati symbolism

pig mask

Cretus Animal Symbolism

Animals have been symbolic in literature and religion since the time man first started drawing on cave walls. Cretus uses three animals; the pig, the unicorn, and the sheep. Read more about their ceremonial animal costumes in our Masked Cowards section.

On the Cretus Resources page (HERE) you can see that all of the links they've provided have been divided into three sections, one for each of the animals. The Pig section features links to videos and news articles pertaining to science, mainly physics and biology. The Unicorn links send you to articles and books written about philosophy (mostly metaphysical philosophy). The Sheep section, which is a little more broad, links to many books. These books span ancient religious texts (such as the Popol Vuh, and the Kybalion), and other books on mental training and occult rituals. (still think we're not dealing with a cult?)

unicorn mask

The Pig

In ancient Egyptian and Celtic cultures the pig symbolized a motherly figure, offering abundance and fertility. The Greeks would sacrifice pigs in hopes of yielding better crops from the gods. Native Americans saw the pig as a sacred animal that would bring rain (and in turn yield better crops, i.e. abundance). I tend to agree more with the Jews and Muslims who just think the pig is a dirty animal.
Reference Here

The Unicorn

The Unicorn, unlike the pig, is a creature of fantasy and only exists within the mind.

The single, spiralled Horn is a Symbol of the endless, repeating cycles of time. It is also symbolic of the Sword. And as the Sword symbolizes the mind, the Unicorn's Horn also signifies Unity of Thought and purity of reason. We also notice that this single Horn protrudes from the top of the Unicorn's head which is the location of the crown chakra. The crown chakra is a Border Between Realms; it represents the highest level which our mind can attain and is the Spiritual Gateway to the higher realms of Spirituality and Divine Consciousness.

The Sheep

The sheep is traditionally not only a symbol of sacrifice, but also of purity and innocence. Sheep were worshipped by the Egyptians because they provided food and wool.

Lamb is the symbol of renewal, victory of life upon the death, gentleness, tenderness, innocence. It is a perfect victim which should be sacrificed to assure someones salvation. The cult of Dionysus and his devotees were one of the first to use this symbol. They used to throw lambs to a chasm to ease Pylaochos, the guardian of the infernal gate. Thus the God could reappear on the coast of the lake Lerna, where from he descended to the underworld to look for his mother.

pig mask