Cretus Online Outreach

the images featured here are screen captures from the official Cretus site

Cretus is a cult who remained secluded, more or less, for ages, or for as long as we know. HOWEVER, now they have grown a thirst for new young members to grow their population, and they've been literally attacking the internet. That's part of the reason we started this site. To FIGHT back!

Cretus has made a state of the art web site with advanced components. The image above is a screen capture from a section on their front page that shows some of their new "outreach" (hey folks, their words, not mine) programs. As far as we can see, this web site is like the head of the octopus. Tentacles reaching into every corner of the net. In addition to that, this site is used to promote their music and sell their merchandise (they want your money, big surprise). The web domain also features extensive forms this cult uses to gain sensative information from unsuspecting visitors.

Throughout these entries we'll be breaking down ALL of that and more, but below we'll just focus on the social portions of this site.

The Basics

As you can see in the image above, the left column has links to your basic social sites; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. That's all pretty self explainatory.


OK, buckle up because here's where it gets interesting.
(*Help Alert-If you're a hacker we are looking for you to help us crack this one!*)
Cretus has some sort of "online community" where members of the cult can exchange information. Now, we both know there's going to be a gold mine of information about the organization, beliefs, members, you name it, all sitting on that web site. Only problem is... You guessed it:

"AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED" - just think of what they must be hiding on there!

Now it gets creepier. If you go to the section of the menu at the top of the page titled "Outreach", the last option is "Request Membership." Presumably this membership request will give you access to the community portion of the site. HOWEVER, it's not just a simple form. The following, and I'm not joking, is word for word what they are asking people to write down to "request membership":

• Name
• Email
• Current Location
• How did you hear about Cretus?
• Describe your level of education.
• Describe your current income and employment status.
• Describe your immediate family and current living condition.
• How would you compare yourself to others?
• What do you believe you know about Cretus?
• What do you intend to gain from this?

I mean, do I really need to say anything more? What kind of group wants to know how you compare yourself to others? Why do they need financial information?? Current living conditions???

Under the same "Outreach" drop down menu there's also a link to Contact Cretus. It's a much more reasonable form that basically functions like an email. BUT, I have contacted them many a time and there has not been a single response. Let's just say I'm not surprised.