Cretus and Science

the video above is from a link found on the "Resources" page of the Cretus web site,

People believe that Cretus has been around for at least two or three generations. While their beliefs appear to be grounded in ancient ideals stolen from various religions and philosophies, they also twist theories of modern science to convince people that what they are preaching is real. The propaganda material they hand out is often littered with the teachings of Einstein and other modern scientists, many in the field of quantum physics.


Cretus used to rely on meeting people and describing their unusual theories about the universe in person. However, they have recently added a "resources" section to their web site that links to a wide variety of material from all over the internet. One section of this page, titled "The Pig," links mainly to science material. The two main areas of focus appear to be quantum physics and biology.

The video I've embedded above shows an animation explaining the "10th dimension," and the video embedded below explains "String THEORY." First of all, let me remind you folks, these are THEORIES. Obviously, that means they haven't actually been proven and they're not real science. In addition to this, neither of these videos mentions the almighty father (that's right, 240 million Americans can't be wrong) and his role in this whole universe. Let's say you don't believe in God, these "scientists" also don't mention anything about dressing up like a pig in a bathrobe and prancing around the woods at night. See where I'm going with this? Don't listen to these CRAZY freaks in Cretus!

But Seriously,

A lot of these videos and news articles are above my pay grade, and I'm man enough to admit that. If any of you are science majors, or people who can make any sense at all of these disconnected articles, PLEASE let us know. The screen capture below will give you a better idea of the sort of stuff included on the list. There's even more on the actual site though.

All "theories" are welcome when it comes to figuring out this evil cult. If we can crack their codes, we can crack them. This is important. Please email any ideas you may have to me at Thank you!

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the image above is a screen capture of the "Resources" page on the Cretus web site,