Masked Cowards

pig and sheep mask
the images on this page were taken from the Pavement Records promotional page for Cretus

The ceremonial masks of Cretus come in one of two varieties; animal and anonymity. In addition to these masks, each member of the cult wears a pure black cloak that appears to be made out of burlap. They generally wear all black street clothes (jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes) underneath their cloaks.

Anonymity Masks

Unfortunately we don't have any images of the anonymity masks to show here, but we can describe them to you. The first is a pure black stocking/ski mask sort of deal. It appears to be worn by all of the members, even underneath animal masks. Seen when it's worn by itself, the black mask is a frightening look into the nothingness these people have become. A dark void.

The second anonymity mask is a bit harder to describe. It looks like a mask depicting a human face with a blank stare, but all of the features of a human face that show emotion (eyes, mouth, etc.) have been removed, and large gaping holes remain.

Just to let you know as a disclaimer, the term "anonymity mask" is something we came up with to describe this portion of their outfits. We haven't seen these masks, or quite frankly any article of clothing, described with specific terminology in anything Cretus has released.

sheep mask

Animal Masks

We have seen, and show on this page, three different types of animal masks worn by members of Cretus; a pig, a unicorn, and sheep. We believe there is only one pig and one unicorn, but we are uncertain how many sheep there are. We can't say for sure if the pig and unicorn are leaders of Cretus, or if they are just symbols of an ideology. We are still trying to determine what the actual positions mean in terms of the Cretus hierarchy, but we do have many ideas on what these animals are symbolic of. For more on that, please visit our section on Cretus and Symbolism.

unicorn mask

Live Performance

When Cretus performs live as a band, there are typically four members on the stage; 2 sheep and 1 of each kind of anonymity mask. The pig and unicorn don't appear to be part of the show, but people have reported seeing them around the venues during the performances. In addition to the two sheep performing on stage, more sheep come in and out of the show to perform a variety of ritualistic acts.

pig mask