Frequently Asked Questions

This site is dedicated to answering question about Cretus, but some people have questions for the people behind this site.

How did you learn about Cretus?

Cretus is one of those groups that people in south Louisiana have known about for a long time, but never really paid attention to and like most people, I didn't really know much about them when I was growing up. I wish that were still the case.

Sometime in 2014 the group started putting out flyers and brochures encouraging people to attend their meetings to learn more about the group. Robin, very unfortunately, started going to these meetings and for some reason I guess she made some sort of connection with them. Then the band started playing shows, and Robin was hanging out with them more or more. Like an idiot I was too ignorant to think it was anything to be concerned about at the time. When Robin decided to move to the Cretus commune it too late for me to be able to convince her not to. I thought she would maybe just go for a little while and come back, or that I would at least be able to talk to her now and again. But it's been MONTHS and we haven't heard a word. I feel like such a disgraceful person for letting this happen. I should have seen the signs.

Why did you create this web site?

When Robin left, she deleted all of her social media accounts, she got rid of her cell phone, and she hasn't been responding to any emails. This site started as a way to communicate with her. My hope was that she would find this site, see messages from people who love her and miss her, and then she would realize that she needs to come home.

Over the past few months of trying to find out more about Cretus, I met other people who were in my same position. They lost their loved ones to this same evil group. So the site became a place for more than just Robin.

In addition to encouraging our loved ones to come home, it's extremely important for us to prevent more people from following down this path. Understand your enemy. The best way to stop Cretus is to find out as much as we can about them, and put it out there for the world to see. So we also use this site to analyze everything we can about them, and to track their every move.

Why not get the police involved?

Believe me we tried! We're still trying! I want the FBI, CIA, NCIS, and EVERYONE involved in getting Robin back and taking down Cretus for good! The problem is that they're very smart. They didn't bust into the house and kidnap Robin, she is an adult and she made a decision to leave. In terms of the law, we don't really have any hard evidence against Cretus. It doesn't take a genius to see that what they are doing is evil and wrong, but it does take a genius to navigate the legal innards of America.

Why not take a possee to one of their meetings?

Also an idea I have contemplated, but that's easier said than done. This whole thing is a big cat and mouse game. In 2014 I would see brochures advertising meetings all the time. Then the meetings slowed down and started turning into concerts. I attempted to go to one, but as soon as I was there I realized that myself and my two friends were grossly outnumbered. Haven't had an opportunity to get back at them since then, but believe me it's on my mind. AND IF YOU ARE CRETUS READING THIS THEN HAHA I'm not going to spell out my plans for you right here. Just know that I'm coming and you won't know how, when, or where.

Isn't Cretus just a band?

Cretus is a cult. They are dangerous.