Cretus The Band

cretus rapture
the image above is a screen capture from the official Cretus web site

It's very important for us to stay informed about all of the dates that Cretus announces they have something in the works. We have to prepare for this stuff, and we can't let it blindside us. They are constantly releasing new material, holding gatherings, and now they are also performing live music. We'll post dates for everything as we learn about them.

August 31, 2015

Cretus has announced plans to realease a video of some sort on Monday, August 31, 2015. The title of the video is "Price of Immortality, so we believe it may be a music video for one of their songs, but knowing this evil group, they will surely use it as a way to push their propaganda on our youth.

September 4, 2015

On the very first page of the official Cretus web site,, there is a countdown leading to something they are referring to as "Tomorrow" on September 4, 2015. We know that this is the date they have announced releasing their CD, Dux Mea Lux, but the ominous reference to tomorrow leads us to believe that maybe something more is happening on this date. Some theories say that the reason Cretus started such an aggressive push to gain more followers is that they believe some sort of rapture or transformation is coming. Could this be the date they believe it will all end?

Gatherings and Live Shows

At this time we are having trouble finding any information about upcoming shows and public gatherings of the Cretus cult. We will let you know when we hear anything, and if you hear something, PLEASE tell us by sending an email to