Cretus the Cult

Cretus pig and sheep cult mask
the images on this page were taken from the Pavement Records promotional page for Cretus

Cretus is a religious group that lives on a commune in the woods of southeast Louisiana. There is still a lot to learn about this group, but here is what we know so far.


Cretus has gained a lot of attention lately because of their new "outreach programs," but they have been around for a while. This is a fact they admit themselves. If you talk to people in South Louisiana, many of them have heard of this group, but they were often ignored because they kept to themselves for the most part. However, now that they are starting to make public appearances, rapidly gain new membership, and STEAL OUR CHILDREN, the rest of the world (myself included) are not going to be as passive moving forward!

People believe that Cretus has been around for at least two or three generations. Members of Cretus dress in elaborate animal costumes with dark burlap robes. The animals all represent different parts of their belief system. Members who do not wear animal masks will wear straight black masks that hide the face and identity of the person.

As part of this new public era of Cretus (which includes starting a band, launching an advanced web site, and embracing social media), they have made a "Resources" page available on their web site (see it here). This page has helped us to understand a bit more about this cult. While their beliefs appear to be grounded in ancient ideals stolen from various religions and philosophies, they also twist theories of modern science to convince people that what they are preaching is real. The propaganda material they hand out is often littered with the teachings of Einstein and other modern scientists, many in the field of quantum physics. They often reference metaphysical philosophies and ancient religious texts.

Still think these guys are just some fun rock band? Don't be ridiculous. All of the facts are here. This site is dedicated to educating people about Cretus so we can take them down. Click on the links below to go more in depth about each of these topics.

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