Cretus The Band

the image above is the album cover to Cretus's CD called "Dux Mea Lux"

The cult known as Cretus appears to be focusing a lot of attention on using music to connect with kids and gain young membership. WE'VE SEEN THIS BEFORE FOLKS! Keep reading for more info about the music and examples of other known cult bands in history.

The Record

Of course, some money grubbing suit has turned their back on what Cretus is really doing, and gave them a record deal (more on that below). Here's what we know:

Title: Dux Mea Lux
Release Date: September 4, 2015
1) Price of Immortality
2) Darkness Bites
3) What I Will
4) The Leader
5) Little Children

Image of Album Cover at top of page

Possible Music Video

We learned recently of a video that Cretus plans to release on August 31, 2015 through youtube and their web site, Some sources told us that the title of the video is "Price of Immortality," which is also the name of one of the songs listed on Dux Mea Lux. Can we assume that this is a music video?

Regardless of what this video ends up being on the surface, I'm certain it will be littered with subliminal messages and a fair share of obscene vulgarities. We've seen in the past that these creeps spare no expense, so it's safe to say this won't be your typical propaganda video. These people are educated and they are a real threat.

The Music

I hesitate to put this here, but it looks like this is one of the songs from the album. Listen at your own discretion.

Cults and Music in History

There are lots of examples of cults and music being intertwined in the past. Some people theorize that Charles Manson, famed cult leader and musician, ordered his followers to perform the Tate murders because he was upset about not getting a record deal. Fela Kuti, popular afrobeat musician of the 1970s, built a compound named Kalakuta Republic, married 27 women, and punished people by beating them. Jim Baker, a cult leader with 13 wives and 150 followers, created the Ya Ho Wha 13 band.

Unlike these examples, we have been told that Cretus is a group that has survived through at least a few generations passing down traditions and beliefs. They are not a flash in the pan. For whatever reason they have decided that now is the time to start rapidly growing. One theory is that their aging members need a new generation to pass the torch to. Another thought is that we might be entering some sort of rapture period they believe in, and in their twisted minds they're trying to save people.

Who knows? One thing is for sure though, if we don't put out this flame soon we might be looking at something that would make Charles Manson look like child's play. Manson was a certified nut, but these guys are organized and they are on a mission.

The Source Family is a documentary about Jim Baker and Ya Ho Wha 13. See the trailer below.
For more about cults and music, see this article in The Guardian.