Dear Robin,

This is the girl I see when I think of you. The girl with a heart so pure it shined through her smile.

I often look at this picture of you because you seem so at peace here. This is from the backyard of the country house (one of your favorite places) on a cool October afternoon a few years back. You always loved October because the change in weather indicated (in your mind at least) the start of Christmas season; not a time for gifts (you would always remind me (for her whole life, Robin was disinterested in receiving gifts from others. "I have everything I need." she would say), but a time to spread love.

For the life of me I really can't imagine how on Earth you got involved with this group. I don't know what more they could provide for you than your father and I. Regardless, I'm not angry, I'm just upset. What does Cretus even mean? I miss you and I want to know that you're doing okay. No matter where you are in this world, you will always be my little girl.

Always With Love,

Robin, I feel selfish.

This summer at the Lighthouse was one of the more meaningful summers of my life, and it's because of the bond we grew together. You spent so much time getting to know me and helping me through a tough time. I thought I knew you, but if it's true that you've joined what they're saying is a devious cult, then there must have been something deeper I didn't see and I should have worked as hard to help you through your pain as you did with me.

You weren't like the other tennis instructors. They were all obsessed with competition, on the court and in life, but I always thought you were pleased with what you had. Your goal wasn't to be better than everyone else, it was to help others be the best they could be.

If there's anything you want to talk about, you know how to get in touch with me and you know that I'm always here for you. I've always loved you and I always will love you. I've got a chicken wrap with extra pesto on it waiting for you the next time you're in the neighborhood ;). Please stay safe.


Always an adventure.

Robin, do you remember this trip? I will never forget it. I don't know anyone else who would see some rusty old boat sitting on the beach and think it would be a cool idea to paddle it into the middle of the sea. Even crazier, I don't know how you convinced me to get on there with you. So happy we didn't die that day!

Look, I have no idea what you're doing with this Cretus thing, but I know you, and I know this is just another one of your silly adventures. You never could sit still for too long. But hey babe, this time it sounds pretty serious. Everyone is freaking out and we want you to come home. Like, come home now. It's been so long since I've seen you, but you know I'm always here for you girl!


The search continues,

Robin, my tigerlily, the search continues. When I met you, you were clearly searching for something, but I don't believe you knew quite what it was yet. That's okay. It takes people a long time to find what they are searching for. Positive growth is reinforced by people who help you discover the answers within you. I don't understand what Cretus is, but I truly hope they did not take advantage of your curious spirit.

From what I witnessed during our time together... You were not only generous with your food and other supplies, but you had a watchful and nurturing eye for those around you. You recognized beauty in the world, but were content to witness without ownership. You did not lust, but you knew how to embrace the love around you. The search may continue, but I know you are strong.

My heart goes out to your family, and I hope you return safely. You are always in my thoughts.


The Great Beauty

My great beauty. Robin, this world needs you. Please don't leave us now. Your heart is so pure that I worry where we'll be without you. To be brutally honest, the one person in this world you didn't care enough about was yourself, so if not for yourself, please leave Cretus for the people I know that you do care about.