laura u shreveport


The last time we hung out you were talking about a lot of whack stuff and now I got this lady telling me you joined a cult? Hollar at your boy.


laura u shreveport


They told me I should try to find a good picture of you and I thought this one was eerily good. You were always the one who hooked me up with the best music and dragged me to the best shows. Apparently this band Cretus you're into now is a cult of some sort? Did you move in with them? Are you working for them? The lady I talked to made it sound like you were in a pretty serious spot. Let me know if you need anything.



I know your past is checkered and I know you've been through a lot. There's so much I don't know. There's so much I want to learn. I still don't understand why you left me. I thought our relationship was really starting to blossom. I feel like this Cretus group must have done something to make you change? Is it vein of me to think that? Maybe you just never did like me? You've been acting so strange for the past few months I didn't know what I should do.

I was looking for more information on Cretus because I know you were reading a lot of their stuff, and I came across this site. I started getting really worried, so I got a few people to write in some messages for you. I hope you're not mad. Please just talk to me.



This is your Uncle Terry. Someone told me you might be in trouble of some sort. Call me if you need me.

Uncle Terry

Matt, what is Cretus?

Am I the only person you sent this stuff to? I got a package with a lapel pin, a CD, and a shitload of pamphlets. I tried to call you a million times, but you never picked up. Finally I called Stephanie. She told me Cretus is some sort of cult that acts like a band? Did you move to a commune or something with them? Are you trying to get me to join this cult?

We go back too far for me to let you drink kool-aid with a bunch of insane people. Let's talk this out.