Julian mi hermano,

Te necesitamos aquí para hacerse cargo de este pequeño hombre . Él está faltando a su tío mucho. Su madre reza por usted todos los días , y usted están siempre en nuestros pensamientos.

Como un niño que siempre vio la vida de una manera tan simple. No sé lo que pasó, pero todo se complicó en algún momento. No lo sé. El paso del tiempo no ha sido nuestro amigo . Estoy de acuerdo en que era bueno para que usted pueda viajar y ver el mundo. Ver y creer, y con el fin de no cometer un error, toque. Pero parece que ha metido con algo mal en Estados Unidos.

There is no shame in returning to your country. There is no shame in returning to your family. La persona que reconoce sus errores importantes es en el camino de la sabiduría.

Un fuerte abrazo,

Querido Jacob,

Por favor, vuelve a su familia. Todos estamos muy preocupados por ti y te queremos . Esto es verdad.

Con todo mi afecto,


What have you gotten yourself into man? I hear Cretus is nothing to play with! The last time we talked it was very hard for me to understand you. I looked into the physics papers you sent me. I can't see how it all connects man.

This is my best picture of you because it takes me to a time we would read and discuss thoughts for hours in the afternoon. I think that was a good thing for us to grow. But now I do not know where you are! I will continue to email you and I want to hear from you. Even if you stay with Cretus at least talk to me. Help me to understand. I want you to be safe.



You are the most beautifully complex man I know. I tried so hard to get inside of your brain and your heart, but you kept them very well guarded. You are a determined man. I believe you can change the world one day, but I don't think this Cretus cult is the answer.

Last December when you took me to your family's home, I believed it was a sign that we were on the road to building a life together. I didn't know that you just needed someone to accompany you on a trip to say goodbye forever to all of the people who love you. We might not have been in the same place, but I believe that your family and I do not deserve to be abandoned by you like this. The most important thing in life is love, and I refuse to believe that this cult is satisfying that for you. Please go home to Colombia or come back to New Orleans, either way just be with the ones who love you.



You seek justice in an unjust world. The problems of the universe are not yours to solve.

Life is exactly what you make it. You've always been this type to look for complex answers and solutions to everything, but the real beauty of the world is in it's simplicity. Get a job. Get a wife. Have a baby. Find a nice place to live near the water with a cool breeze. Take a deep breath and enjoy it all.

I appreciate that you are trying to do something you think is bigger than you, but I promise you Cretus is not the answer. People who go down that road don't come back. We need you to come back. Please call me.