laura u shreveport


This is the last time I saw you. You probably wanted to throw that rock at my face and I can't say I blame you. I wasn't there for you the way that a father should be. I did, however, try to do right to make sure you were always taken care of with love and as much as I could. I never had much. I know you didn't either. Your mother did her best to put the fear of the lord in you. I know it didn't stick to you the same it didn't stick to me. I know you know right from wrong though. You were always smarter than I ever was.

Look, I'm trying hard not to make this sound like some sappy bullshit, but you really got me up against the ropes here son. I'm concerned about you. Have you really joined a cult or is this all a joke? You need to be more of a man than I could be. Don't let the past burden you. I know you had it tougher than most, but you can't let that hold you down.

You've got my number. Call me and I will help you. Everybody needs help sometimes and there's no shame in asking for it. I'm going to be in Pensacola at Mike's place for a while. You should come down and get on the boat with us. Call me and let me know you're ok.

your Dad

laura u shreveport

Brad, what's up?

Not sure if I ever showed this to you. I snapped it on our last ride. Gotta be honest, you had me worried that day with some of the stuff you were talking about. Obviously I'm not going to understand Einstein's methods of time travel, but when you got into the stuff about minds being connected and reincarnation I really started to lose you.

When you told me you were thinking about joining this group I didn't realize what you were talking about. Things people were saying got me so scared I started reading more about Cretus and this sounds like some bad shit dude. It's one thing to like a band, but you weren't talking about guitar solos, you were talking about blackholes. I don't know if you're ever going to see this or not. I hope that you do. Let me know what's going on. Be safe out there.



We were supposed to hang out and you never called. I didn't think that was odd because... I know you, duh. But then people told me you moved in with those Cretus guys? What is that thing? Are y'all really living in the woods? People are talking about it like you might be in some sort of danger. Should I be worried? You might not feel like I care about you, or you might not think we're close enough for me to be here for you, but I'm here as much as you want or need me to be. You've always been nice to me. I want you to be okay. I'm ready to go night swimming or on another great adventure with you whenever you're ready. I'm here.


Brad, dem Skull Boys Still Here!

I know you remember this shit! Skull Boys for life! It's been a long time but you are my brother man and I would go to hell and back for you. You know this!

What is Cretus? People are talking like the boys need to go out for some cracking one night. Get you back. Is this really something you chose to do? Jimmy thinks you're brainwashed. Ha! How do you brain wash smart boy Brad?!

Dog, I don't get this shit but you know we die together. If it's dangerous, you send out the call. We comin.

Biz is good and I always got work for you.


Brad, what is this?

I got this picture in an email from a weird address a few weeks ago. Are you ok? I emailed them back more than once and there wasn't ever a response. Heard about this site and thought someone might know what's going on?

I read some of the material you sent me, but I really can't connect the dots. I'm not really seeing how you can make the jump of taking a Quantum Entanglement theory and applying it to soul or consciousness. Not trying to say you're wrong, just trying to understand where you're coming from. I've always appreciated our discussions and if you need to get away from this stuff you can always crash on my couch. Keep in touch.