In the spring of 2015, a cult known as Cretus began working on new "outreach programs" that encouraged people to leave their homes and families to live at a commune in the woods of southeast Louisiana. Help us spread awareness of the Cretus cult to prevent others from being foolish enough to join. This site is not only a resource for learning more about this evil group, but it's also a place where we post messages encouraging our loved ones to come home. It might be a long shot, but it's the only way we know to get in touch with them.

If you would like to create a page for someone you've lost to Cretus, or if you would like to add a message to the page of someone you recognize here, please send an email to


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Robin Cretus

Robin R.

Left home to join Cretus February 2015.
Previously living in New Orleans, LA
Originally from New Orleans, LA

Brad Cretus

Brad R.

Left home to join Cretus April 2015.
Previously living in New Orleans, LA
Originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Carrie Cretus

Carrie P.

Left home to join Cretus June 2015.
Previously living in Houston, TX
Originally from Lafayette, LA

julian Cretus

Julian T.

Left home to join Cretus February 2015.
Previously living in New Orleans, LA
Originally from Bogotá, Colombia

Laura Cretus

Laura U.

Left home to join Cretus May 2015.
Previously living in Baton Rouge, LA
Originally from Shreveport, LA

Chris Cretus

Chris A.

Left home to join Cretus April 2015.
Previously living in New Orleans, LA
Originally from Lafayette, LA

David Cretus

David E.

Left home to join Cretus July 2015.
Previously living in Baltimore, MD
Originally from Mandeville, LA

Matt Cretus

Matt S.

Left home to join Cretus June 2015.
Previously living in Birmingham, AL
Originally from Shreveport, LA

If you have ANY information you can share about this cult, or if you would like to submit a letter encouraging a loved one to come home, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cretus the Cult

Cretus is a religious group that lives on a commune in the woods of southeast Louisiana. There is still a lot to learn about this group, but here is what we know so far.

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Cretus the Band

Much like hippy cults of the 1960's, Cretus has recently started releasing music and performing concerts as a way to rally the youth around them. Do not be fooled by these evil people!

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Cretus Online Outreach

Cretus recently created an entirely new outreach program that, in addition to the music and concerts, includes an entire online community and social media network to find young blood.

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Cretus Symbolism

Like many religious and occult groups, Cretus uses lots of symbolism. From their animal masks to their logo, we'll try to break down possible meanings in this section.

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Cretus and Science

Science appears to be a big part of Cretus justifying their religious beliefs. Many of their texts discuss wormholes, quantum physics, multiple universes, and other THEORIES of "science."

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Cretus Readings

Cretus released a dense section of "Resources" on their web site last week. There are many science videos, and texts on topics from metaphysic philosophy to ancient religious texts and books on mind reading.

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Masked Cowards

The members of the Cretus cult, too cowardly to show their faces, wear masks when they perform in public to hide their identities. There is a pig, a unicorn, at least two sheep, and others in pure black masks. They also dress in all black and have a uniform black hood.

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Important Dates

We have learned the dates of a few upcoming Cretus projects including a video release and a music release. Trying to find their next meetings, but check here for the most up to date list.

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This site is dedicated to answering question about Cretus, but some people have questions for the people behind this site. We answer them here.

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Cretus are a deplorable group. They pretend to have the answer when really they are only offering a false hope.

Robert T. New Orleans, LA

Why do the members of Cretus need to hide behind masks if they are really speaking the "truth"?

Deborah H. Hammond, LA

Sadness is the only way to describe what is happening. Bless you all and good luck on this noble mission!

Marge A. Biloxi, MS

If our youth are turning to these nutjobs for answers about the mysteries of the universe, mankind is hopeless!

Jerry R. Biloxi, MS

I honestly thought this whole thing was a joke, and then I saw a friend from high school, Laura U. on this page. I can't get in touch with her at all.

Ben S. Baton Rouge, LA

Cretus will get what they have coming. Don't worry about that.

Robert B. New Orleans, LA

Thank you Ken and Lisa for all y'all are doing! God Bless!

Sheila S. New Orleans, LA

This is real. I know it's hard for y'all to believe, but this is real.

Ali M. New Orleans, LA

I hate to be the one to say it, but I know everyone is thinking it. I'm sure this cult is a result of the garbage in the media these days. Kids come across so much gross content by the time they're teenagers, no wonder they're joining cults.

William D. Lafayette, LA

How do we live in a world where something like this could happen? I'm really having a hard time comprehending this.

Kathleen C. Lake Charles, LA

Keep the faith, Ken. Robin will be home before you know it.

John P. Birmingham, AL

Are we worried that these guys are going to do something dangerous? Didn't the Manson Family start breaking into houses and killing people randomly? Please be safe New Orleans!

Taylor G. Baton Rouge, LA

Why aren't the police doing anything about this? You know I'm sleeping with a gun by my bed! Come and get it Cretus. Not in my house.

Ross F. Houma, LA

My heart goes out to all of the families affected by this. Such a sad thing to hear about.

Andrea M. Pass Christian, MS

God is always with us and everything happens for a reason. Just keep praying. Never lose your faith.

Simone N. Little Rock, AK

Why aren't the authorities doing anything about this? Are they too busy giving out tickets to people for not wearing seatbelts?!?

Ian S. Houston, TX

This is not the America I grew up with, and this is not the America I want to live in. Let me know what I can do to stop these jerks.

Nathan J. Picayune, MS

I'm having such a hard time believing all of this. Surely this is just some sort of marketing ploy, right? How could something like this be a thing?

Lindsay B. Mandeville, LA

I heard of Cretus when I was young. I always thought it was like the Boogie Man. Something kids get scared of. Didn't think it was real. Damn. SMH.

Dave L. Scott, LA

How could someone be so dumb to join a cult when we have the internet?

Josh W. Breaux Bridge, LA

Dis for real?

Tom H. Bay St Louis, MS

Do we know exactly where they're hiding out? We could get a group together to go in there.

William D. Lafayette, LA

DONT PEOPLE REMEMBER JONESTOWN?!? Everything is happening all over again!

Audrey M. New Orleans, LA

Maybe I'm talking out of place here, but after reading some of the messages to these people in Cretus, it really seems like their "loved ones" could have been there a bit more for them. Are you completely oblivious to that?

Whitney C. Lafayette, LA

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